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How Dental Cavities Form and How to Fight Them

We use our mouths for a variety of tasks every day – drinking, tasting, chewing, and speaking. These seem like simple exercises, but our mouths are a lot more complicated than we might at first believe. All of the action inside our mouths contributes to our potential for tooth decay; fortunately, at McDowell Family and…


Flossing Basics

We all know that brushing our teeth is critical for good oral hygiene, but how important is flossing? If we’ve never done it before, should we even start? Can it be too late to begin flossing our teeth on a regular basis? At McDowell Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we strongly believe that It’s never too…

Mother and Daughter Smiling and Holding Toothbrushes

Brushing Basics

Brushing your teeth seems pretty easy, but you may not be getting the benefits of brushing your teeth regularly if it’s not done correctly. The following tips from Dr. McDowell will help you get the most out of brushing your teeth each day! Choose the Best Toothbrush There are several brands with different styles of…

Dr. McDowell and his team really know the importance of good customer service! We are always greeted with a smile and feel like part of the family. Thank you, Thank you!!


It’s hard to find a good dentist and Rob is just the BEST EVER!!!! Nobody will take care of you like he will.


Recently switched to McDowell dentistry, experienced great service and such a friendly environment. Would highly recommend it!


By far the most genuine and caring people in one place! I can't explain how grateful I am!


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